Customize Packages

Coral homes has always believed in trust over money, Use our custom package designer below. It is different from other calculator in its unique ways

Slab Area Approach

Choosing individual contractors may result in calculation issues due to varied measurement methods. We simplify billing by pricing based on slab area. No Need to..

  • measure skirtings for flooring
  • measure verticals for false ceiling
  • slim portions for paint

Mix and Match

You have a wide array of choices, independent of labor or material rates, and you have the flexibility to mix and match as you please from both type of rates.

  • Structure with material or labour
  • Paint with or without material
  • Flooring with or without Material

Better Budget Planning

As the prices are on slab area, you can plan ahead on budget. As few items seem less initially but budget escalate later on where big contributors are flooring and paint

  • Paint sq ft is multifold of slab area
  • Marble/Tile calculation are most absurd

Know what is paid for

With detailed inclusion and exclusions you know front hand what you are paying for and what is not included.You can fine tune the costs by explicit packages

  • Various size packages
  • Prorated additional work, if any

Package Calculator

Base Price:1800/sqft

Basic Package Include all the structural element, you can customize in right side panel

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New Added Products

Calculated Price as per choice:1800/ sqft